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Dutch NPR Interview

A couple of months ago I was interviewed by Simone Walraven for her Songlines program on Dutch NPR. We talk about a lot of different things: my music, agroforestry, ancestral trauma, nature connection, hope, and Skip James. There’s a podcast version now available of the interview that was aired on the radio station. Maybe a couple of you would like to listen, so I’m sharing.


Prepared Guitar Interview… 13 Questions

Recently I was approached by the wonderful Prepared Guitar weblog, which is written by the admirable Miguel Copon. Miguel is a professor at the Instituto de Arte Contempor├íneo in Madrid, Spain. I think it’s incredible that he is documenting such a lovely topic and I was very flattered to have been asked to do an interview.

I’m a true believer in community and I think Miguel has created awareness and community in an area that is very dear to me and a lot of my friends. Keep up with your phenomenal work Miguel, and I very much look forward to playing in front of you in the future.

You can read the interview in it’s entirety here: Tate Eskew – 13 Questions @ Prepared Guitar


Over the last few months, my friend Chris Davis and I have been putting on shows in Nashville as FMRL. We’ve already hosted a number of wonderful events which have included the likes of Jason Lescalleet, Jeremy Bible, Dark Tips, Evan Lipson/Bob Stagner, Kevin Brown and Sam Jacobs. This, along with my other passions in regenerative design, really helps to build community. Building community and culture is vital to me and I’m so proud to be a part of this series. We have a number of shows scheduled for presentation throughout the Autumn and Winter. Here’s a list of what’s coming up. Please come out to say hello and support these artists.

You can buy tickets to these events at our website: http://fmrlarts.org

Upcoming Events

Monday, Sept. 29: Michael Chapman and William Tyler

Friday, Oct. 10: Lakha Khan

Sunday, Oct. 26: Father Murphy

Thursday, Nov. 13: Paul Metzger and Tim Kaiser

Sunday, Feb. 1: Battle Trance

Saturday, April 11: Trevor Watts/Veryan Weston Duo

Recording from recent show…

FMRL Presents a Spectrum of Guitar


Line-up order:
Tate Eskew – Set starts at 0:00
Tashi Dorji – Set starts at 22:28
Sir Richard Bishop – Set starts at 1:00:20

Special thanks to Chris Davis, Emily Holt, Amy Eskew, Scott Spiedel, Brian Murphree, and Ernie Paik. Also to Emma and Yazoo Brewing Co. for their arts patronage.

New album out…

My newest release, oldowan, has been released on Functional Equivalent Recordings. You can buy a limited edition cassette (48 of them made), which is an imprinted cassette within a black muscletone custom case and comes inside of a drawstring burlap bag.

Tate Eskew explores minimalist guitar drone in two 11 minute pieces with the release of “oldowan”. Exploration of regenerative ecology and indigenous culture inspired the two compositions. Instances of calm reflectiveness are slowly interrupted by passages of anxiety and moments of contentment.

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