Tate Eskew Recording

Tate’s Recording Engineering History

    • Recording in some shape or form since I got one of these . Professionally doing it for the last 25+ years.
    • I’ve worked on lots of record albums, television shows and films. While working on these albums, television shows and films I’ve worked with great musicians, horrible musicians, well-known musicians/actors, non-well-known musicians/actors, amazingly wonderful people and amazingly terrible people.
    • I worked nearly a decade as a recordist for The Simpsons, Futurama, and King of the Hill.
    • I’ve committed a lot of things to tape and disk. If you are interested in hearing any of the work I’ve done, just email me. I’m available to record your album if you see me as the person to do it.

  • Tate Eskew has more than 25 years experience as a recording engineer, musician, and software systems engineer. He uses this experience and his fervent interests in ecology, regenerative design, and reconnecting with his own Cherokee ancestry to create a linkage between technology and nature through music.

    - Chris Davis
  • Tate Eskew carefully orchestrates layers of swirling guitar and haunting melody with bursts of noise and disorder, forming his own distinct character. A self-proclaimed studio rat, Eskew labors endlessly in his own studio creating music that evokes such descriptions as “liquid flowing through a chaotic mess of lines” and “raw, with otherworldly sounds and atmospherics.” Complex declarations for complex music.

    - Tate's German Shepherd, Layla
  • Songs from Eskew’s collection often start in a traditional directive but soon turn unexpected corners, later blooming into a wash of melody and noise. Throughout every track, Eskew’s obsession with refined composition and studio experimentation shows.

    - Tate's structural engineer

Functional Equivalent Recordings

Other Projects

  • I created Zero Art Radio in 1997. With the help of friends and our community we managed to keep it alive for nearly 14 years. It was a large part of the independent music community in the early days of online communities and helped shape online self-distribution during the time the project was alive. We’ve since moved on to building other communities.
  • My wife and I are building community through regenerative ecological design on our Tsula Adohi Farm & Nature School. We are in the developing stages of creating a nature immersion and ancestral knowledge school here in Tennessee. You can read more at Tsula Adohi Farm and Nature School.
  • Along with Chris Davis, I started FMRL. FMRL is an arts collective created to help foster the arts through organizing events in the Middle Tennessee area. Nashville Scene – Best of Nashville 2014
  • Part of the collective that has put Functional Equivalent Recordings out into the world. Visit the site for more information and to purchase records.
  • Contributor (both testing and monetarily) to Ardour. Ardour is a free (as in beer and speech) open source digital audio workstation (DAW) software application. Visit the site for more information and to contribute
  • Contributor to Arch Linux and various other open source projects Tate’s GitHub