October 28, 2010 tate.eskew

new site layout…

well, nothing like not posting for a year and coming out swinging. by the subject of my last post, i’m sure all of you know what i have been up to over the past 10 months. that’s right, baby wrangling. what can i say, it has been an amazing experience and ruby is absolutely wonderful. hence, the reason there are no posts here for nearly a year. although, i have indeed come back to internet life and redesigned the website. i have been meaning to do it for quite some time, but i always mean to do things with free time and consistently fail at finishing said things, but not this time!

with that said, i’m hoping i can start getting some recordings together to post here. i’m also going to start posting a lot more stuff about art and music that i enjoy and find interesting. that way there isn’t stale information sitting here. i can be a filter for you. with that said, go see this:

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