Zero Art Radio podcasts…ALIVE…

May 15, 2009 Tate Eskew

Zero Art Radio podcasts…ALIVE…

I started Zero Art Radio 12 years ago this October.  We went through a lot of crazy times and fights with large labels and in the end it was just costing too much money to keep up the labor of love in the format that we tried to keep it in.  It was always a labor of love and all I and everyone involved ever wanted to do was expose great artists to lots of people.  We did accomplish that over the years and for that we were very happy.

Over a year ago now, we decided to move to a format where I would record bands in the studio and release the songs as “Zero Art Sessions” on the website.  This is a much better way to involve the bands and it also gives people a glimpse into their live sound.  My wife and I moved to a wonderful new house on 5 acres where we planned to build the recording studio.  The problem is, and it’s a very good “problem” to have, we are expecting our second child!  So, the studio and the project associated with are kind of on hold.  Unless, of course, someone wants to donate $30k or $15k and some time spent outdoors to get the studio building up and  going!  Free studio time forever, kids!

With that said, I’ve decided to start posting 5 song podcasts on Zero Art Radio so that I would feel like the site was still doing something constructive.  I really hope everyone enjoys them and finds them worthwhile.  I’ve never done anything 12 years straight, with the exception of my music and Zero Art Radio.  From here on out, I hope to add continuing to be a good father, good husband and good friend to that list.



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