April 30, 2009 tate.eskew

panic attacks, go suck it…

i was over at chris hardwick’s site and ran across a blog post he had written, “Tell Panic Attacks to Go Suck It.” i’ve had a battle with this very thing since about 2003. it caused me to restructure my life, move closer to family and basically start over. i really enjoyed this post as he hits the nail on the head with it. a couple of quotes i particularly like:

Folks not blessed with the gift of hyper-self-awareness don’t really understand the rush of liquid fear that floods the body. They just think we’re being “kooky.? I have a joke in my act about trying to describe the feeling of a full-blown panic attack: “Imagine being F*CKED in the HEART.?


…explains why you want to punch the air or run yourself into a wall like a 28 Days Later chimp. This impulse is left over from our forest dwelling days and is usually reserved for actual life or death situations. Think of it as an evolutionary gift that keeps on giving. And giving.

head over to the blog post and read the rest. it’s a light-hearted look at how crippling that shit can be.

some things that really helped me, two of which he mentions:

  • Deep breathing at the onset
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Exercise/Meditation. even if it’s a tiny bit. clears your head and improves breathing
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about it. TONS of people deal with this shit and most likely they will say something like “oh, yeah, i know exactly what you mean!”

so, seriously…panic attacks, go suck it.

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