There actually may be a hell

June 14, 2008 Tate Eskew

There actually may be a hell

…or maybe there is a hell in the making and it’s practicing the heating technique here in Middle Tennessee in early June. Anyway, it’s damn hot and if you plan on doing anything outside, say like mowing 5 acres, moving rock, trying to clear a space for your child’s cabin/playset, running long distances, picking strawberries, playing washers, or drinking beer then you better be out there before 10 am.

There is a possibility that the build-out of the new studio may resume here shortly. we will see how things pan out, but I’m pretty damn excited that it may continue within the next couple of months.

I’d also like to thank everyone that has sent an email and left notes regarding the weekly song project I did to start the year. It was really great taking the first 10 weeks of the year and writing and recording songs with personally imposed limitations and minimal tools.


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