Multi-touch interaction screen…

February 27, 2008
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February 27, 2008 Tate Eskew

Multi-touch interaction screen…

I was recently looking into the lemur as something to use to control live performances via a touch screen and got really into some of the technology used. So, I started digging deeper to see what else was out there. I had seen Microsoft’s multi-touch coffee table some time ago, but as with most things Microsoft, who knows when it will be out and how buggy it will be. Then I stumbled upon this multi-touch device. Watch the video on the right side of the page. I’ve always hated interfacing with a computer, even though that’s what I do to earn a living, and this is getting closer to how I would like to interact. I think voice commanding and this multi-touch approach are great ways to interact with computing platforms, especially when it involves creating music or other types of art.

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