guitar rising…

February 5, 2008
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February 5, 2008 Tate Eskew

guitar rising…

Guitar Rising well, it seems that someone has finally figured out a way to use a real guitar plugged into your pc soundcard to control a “guitar hero-like” game called guitar rising. (sorry for the shitty photo to the left)

i think i like this idea much better than the idea of guitar hero. this actually has some real world usefulness to it. i think this could be a great learning tool for people that want to learn how to play and it would probably help timing issues for people that already do play the instrument. the game isn’t out yet, but the makers state that their company is “…an independent video game development studio dedicated to bringing unique games and genres to market. GameTank was founded to develop games that enable players to acquire real-world skills while being thoroughly entertained.”

real world skills? who needs those?!

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  1. dan

    yeah. while i really appreciate the forethought that guitar rising presents, i also like the accessibility of games like guitar hero.

    either way, i look forward to see what this piece will offer.

  2. pobst

    if you remember, i asked you if this was possible about three years ago. we coulda made it big!

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