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January 20, 2008
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January 20, 2008 Tate Eskew

donation buttons…

i’ve actually taken the time to put a donation button scheme together. you can select your level of sponsorship by going here. once there you can choose one of 3 levels (amounts of money). the first is bill gates, second is steve jobs and the woz and the third is linus torvalds. you’ll then have a chance to enter a message and donate the amount selected. once you donate you will see your donation in the “donate” box on the sidebar over there ====>>

if you selected gates, you get a “W”. if you selected jobs and the woz, you get an “A”. if you selected torvalds, you guessed it, you get an “L”. it will also show your message when you hover the letter that represents your donation.

now, what the hell are you waiting for. donate some cash. daniel is hungry.

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