summer coming to an end…

October 3, 2007 Tate Eskew

summer coming to an end…

well, a whole summer has passed since my last post. we’ve been incredibly busy building a new house on 5 acres east of Nashville. we are really excited and can’t wait to get our things moved in. it looks like we will be able to move in the second week of november. i will also be starting on the new studio as soon as we get moved in. the slab floor is poured, the exterior walls are studded, the plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom are already roughed in and i should be ordering the trusses by the end of november. the studio build-out will be a drawn out effort as it will be built with quality and when money is available to put forth. in the meantime i will setup the console/gear in the new 2 car garage and finish my record starting in december.

i’ll also be starting a record with Jason Melcher this winter. various friends will be playing on the record. look for that next year.

the sequoia album we recorded at zero art studio is done and you can buy one from the band.

cubs – playoffs…who would of thought. 3 and out i would venture to guess…

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