Moving and life…

May 7, 2007 Tate Eskew

Moving and life…

Well, we close on a new house later this month so everything regarding the studio and album is kind of on hold until everything can be settled. the new place will be on 5 acres east of Nashville. The new studio will be a 1200 square foot facility that will have it’s own kitchen/bathroom. I’m extremely excited and can’t wait to get started. there is a lot of construction to finish up, but it will be completely worth it in the end. I will definitely document the process as I did with the last build-out.

I just finished recording and mixing a record for Sequoia, a Chicago-based band, here at Zero Art Studio. I think the record turned out pretty great. It’s in the process of being mastered and should be out before summer’s beginning. don’t know what it’s going to be called, go ask them.

That’s the quick and dirty update.


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