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Automating Dynamic DNS updating with AWS Instances and Route53

UPDATE: I will refactor this post soon. With the release of the awscli toolset in pypi, things have changed a bit. Also, Amazon is forcing you to VPC on new accounts, I’ll update accordingly when time makes itself available.

Recently I’ve been building the underlying system platform for development of our distributed application on AWS. We do a lot of clustering using Storm and Hadoop, which means that we sometimes spin up hundreds of instances that may only live for a few hours during a run. Getting metrics, logs and all of those ‘must haves’ centralized has been part of this build out. When working with large amounts of machines in short lived clusters, it becomes a real pain in the ass to use the built in DNS/naming mechanism/scheme that AWS provides by default. Everything starts to look the same inside of your reporting/metrics/monitoring tools when working with the arbitrary names given to the instances. Hence, this article.

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